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The XSign UI

The XSign UI is mostly green and black, Overall this new design took around 2 Days to implement into the game, but it was worth it. Because I LOVE IT! -Hubz

The Story

The development of the game is done by Hubz , Its been being developed for almost 7 months now! And built off the original DSI code! The development of this game started BEFORE Meteors! But it was abandoned due to a bug that we could not fix. Its back and its coming fast!

Development at its current stage

The development at its current stage is going well, DSI+ Should be released within the upcoming month! All of us here at Arch Studios are excited to show you all what we've done!

Join the discord!

Jump on the hypetrain for DSI+ In the discord channel! Share memes and more memes! its the memiest of memes!