WARNING! : This is a website archive, some info may be outdated

Meteors is Arch Games' next best game! Shoot meteors and make sure they dont hit earth! Or the human kind might be doomed forever....

Start Screen

A very simple to follow start screen! With quite a few buttons!

. Start button (Starts the game)

. View scoreboard (View and clear the scoreboard)

. Options (Includes lots of buttons!)

. Exit (Exits the game)

As well as our social medias!

View Scoreboard

View your best scores in order of most score, And clear the scoreboard to start adding new (worse) scores! And head back into the Start Screen by pressing the back button or pressing ESC!

Options menu

Check out the Options!

Hardcore mode, Game gets harder double the speed, And 2 hits and your dead!

Credits, View the people who made the game and get more info on our social medias and the people who made the music!

Keyboard and mouse controls! 'Mouse: Default, Use the mouse to move the ship and use the Space Bar to shoot!' 'Keyboard: Use the arrow keys and use space bar to shoot!

Fullscreen mode! Fullscreen the game to get the most immersive experience!

Exit button

Bye bye

And last of all, The Start button!

Check out the game itself! Play and try to beat your other scores, And release your awesome scores to the world through our discord! Shoot the meteors and make sure they dont DESTROY THE WORLD!