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Say Hello to the Brand New Pong Experience!

With many new features and brand new material design!

Start Menu

With many buttons! Start button, Options button, Controls button, and even an exit button! With an awesome noise made by Juicy!

Options Menu

The options menu has lots of new features! Including

  • Light & Dark Mode
  • Horizontal & Vertical mode
  • Normal & Hardcore Mode
  • Back button & Credits Button

Controls Menu

The Controls Menu Simply shows the controls for each bat and includes a back button to go back to the main menu.

The Exit Button

Simply exits the game with a nice noise. Nothing else to say about the exit button,

Start button / In-Game

The start button brings you to the game itself, Either in hardcore or normal mode, dark or light mode, vertical or horizontal mode!

The game is just like a normal Pong game. (That does not include the other modes)

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